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Intro to Pole: 
     If you have never taken a pole class and are a total pole virgin this is the class for you. (It is recommended that you take this class 3- 5 times).
     In this class you will learn the fundamentals of pole dance technique & strength training. From walking around the pole, to basic spins and floor work. You will walk away with all of the proper techniques and confidence you will need to join our beginner level classes.

Intro to Climb:
Pre-requisite 3 Intro to Pole Classes
     Intro to climbing is for the absolute beginner who has taken the minimum of 3 basic intro to Pole Classes at Body, Mind & Pole. In this class you will learn the proper technique, foundations, and understanding of contact points & core muscle engagement required for learning how to climb & descend on the pole. This class is essential in advancing to level 1.

Intro to Pole'ography: 
Pre-requisite 3 Intro to Pole Classes.
     This class is for the student who has began her pole journey. In this class, you will learn basic pole spins, floor work and dance movement which will all be combined into a fluid choreographed routine.  Prior dance experience is not necessary.

     Flexibility is a key pillar of overall well-being, health, body alignment, and symmetry. Flexibility training not only increases our range of motion, but also increases blood flow and circulation, restores body alignment, reduces risk for injuries, releases tension and improves coordination. Poor flexibility of the spine and hips may lead to stiffness, poor posture, back problems, movement limitations, and a higher risk for injury to muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Our class format is amazing and gives every student the ability to fully participate, no matter what their starting point - from absolute beginner to contortionist. And, our skilled instructors can help even the most limber of students to push themselves to new levels.

Pole Level 1:
     This class is for students who are new to pole dancing. This class focuses on basic pole spins, basic climbing and beginner dance techniques. Each class your instructor will guide you through a yoga inspired warm up, introduce you to a new pole move and teach a beautiful routine that will tempt, tease and tone your body. This class will teach spins and climbs ONLY. 
You will need permission from your instructor before you move into Level 2 classes. 

Pole Level 2: 
     This class is designed for the student who has been attending level 1 classes for at least 2 months. In this class you will learn the proper techniques, conditioning and drills to learn how to climb and invert successfully and prepare you for upper level classes.

Pole Level 3:
     This class is designed for the student who has been attending level 2 classes for at least 2 months with an approval from an instructor.  In this class you will learn the proper techniques, conditioning and drills to learn advanced transitions, tricks  and successfully master combinations.

    This class is open to level 1 & up with a knowledge of basic spins and terminology. A glamorous pole fitness and choreography class combined into one! You’ll be able to tie together spins, tricks and floor work for a complete intense workout. These full-length routines will have you practicing and perfecting your pole and dance skills!

Spin Pole Level 1 & Up:
     The pole moves?! Yes it does and learn how to master it! While introducing this apparatus in motion, you will learn the technique needed to take all you know to the next level!  This class is open to level 1 & up.

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