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“My best friend and I found Body, Mind, and Pole online.  It seemed like something different and fun to try, so we purchased a package.  We were both so nervous!  However, after our first class the both of us were totally hooked!  All of the instructors are absolutely amazing and so inspiring.  The classes are such a fantastic, full body workout and they are great for your self esteem!  Can't ask for anything more.  We absolutely love the classes and look forward to them every week!”
- Gabrielle

“With Body, Mind, and Pole, I have learned to move in ways I didn't think possible. The transformation in my body and confidence level is remarkable. Their skilled and friendly instructors have such a contagious passion for dance!”
- Snow

"I hate exercise and I don't like to be the new girl in class but it was time for me to get in shape for the summer. Being at Body, Mind & Pole, I never once felt like the new girl; NEVER. The teachers are great and the students are like a family of support. I felt like I belonged instantly and met great people. Every teacher has a different style, a different story, and a different reason for loving  pole dancing. Everyone one of them teach differently and have a great time teaching. No way is this exercise; it's way too much fun! It turns out I was wrong... I use every muscle in my body, I was sore but a good sore, and I want to do it again sore!  I'm encouraged in class and can't wait until the next one. Body, Mind & Pole has done wonders for my self-esteem. I encourage you to try one class; I promise you'll be hooked."
- Kim

"I found Body, Mind, and Pole through a Belly Dance Workshop held at the studio and then signed up for a class in pole arts. I was really nervous due to the fact I do not come from a dance background and I was not, in my mind, strong enough to handle pole. However, I have had such supportive and wonderful instructors that my lazy self craves exercise now because I'm having so much fun! I have come farther in my first year than I thought I would have and I love my new family of lovely encouraging ladies."
- Samantha J.

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