Heels Workshop with Regina
     Friday, May 19th 8:30pm - 10:00pm

Investment $35.00        
   Early Bird Special $30.00
 (Register Before May 12th)

Heels anyone? Strap on your stiletto’s and start thetransformation into Fierce & Fabulousas we learn a choreographed routine that teaches you how to strut your stuff, get slinky, and feel sexy in this 90 minute workshop.
Studio appropriate Stiletto’s are required!                  

Game Night!
Friday, June 9th 9:00pm ~ 12:00pm
Free Admisson

Come join us for a night of games (Willy Says, Twister, Bobit, Hungry Hippo, Operation just to name a few), laughter and friendship. 

 Pot Luck and Byob!

Lap Dancing with Kim
Friday June 16th 8:30pm - 10:00pm
Investment $35.00
Early Registration $30.00
(reserve before June 2nd)

Learn the art of entertaining as someone is seated in an arm chair, sofa, or love seat.  This is different from chair dancing.  This 90 minute workshop is about the art of seductively approaching, navigation on and around, and entertaining a seated subject  Learn how to move sensually, tease, engage in wordless conversation, and build the anticipation that will be sure to put  a smile on both of your faces...

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